Private Medical Health Insurance

What It Is

Private medical health insurance is a policy that is designed to ensure that individuals receive the medical treatment that they need without having to wait for long. In normal circumstances, individuals have to wait in long queues before receiving medical attention from NHS. In some cases, the waiting can be costly and life threatening. With the private medical insurance, individuals are now assured of receiving private treatment as fast as the need calls. It is therefore an important mode of insurance and it has also gained lots of popularity in the society today.

What It Covers

The private medical health insurance covers several areas of your treatment. It is however important to note that NHS treatment is still of great importance since the private cover will only cater for some medical cases and not others. For instance, things such as drug addiction as well as incurable health conditions are not covered by the private medical insurance.

Essential treatments: they are indeed covered by the insurance and you can therefore enjoy treatment for medical situations which cannot wait long without treatment. With the cover therefore, you can be sure to receive the treatment you desperately need without waiting for long.

Surgery: surgery is an important process that can help in saving the life of an individual. Some medical situations are so delicate that they need the best and fast surgery services. The cover does cover all forms of surgery that you need and hence you can rest assured that you will receive the best from the health institution of your choice without delays that could put your life at risk.

Consultations: PMI also covers consultations which are of great importance to patients. It is from the consultations that you get to know what could be ailing you and also get insight on the possible treatment for the condition. The charges differ from one medical institution or practitioner to another but with the private cover, you can be sure to get the best at the best rates possible.

Nursing: it is probably the backbone of medical treatment. The medical insurance cover will cater for all your nursing needs for as long as you need them. Proper nursing can determine how fast you get well and with the best practitioners, you can be sure to get the best.

Hospital care: the cover will also cater for all your hospital care bills. You can therefore relax and work on getting better knowing that your medical finances and needs are well taken care of so as long as it takes.

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Medical Financing Debt is Becoming the Plight of the Uninsured

Recently, I developed severe pain in my gut unlike pain I have ever felt before. Now mind you, I hate going to doctors. My wife is quick to say that my primary physician is the Emergency Room. Well, by 2:00AM the following morning, I had to give in to my wife’s strong requests and I let her take me to the ER at the local hospital.

After hours of waiting followed by numerous tests, I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis brought on by a faulty gall bladder. So, for only the second time in my life (the first being to have my tonsils removed at age 9) I was admitted into the hospital.

I proceeded to get better, then worse, ultimately leading to a stay in the CCU. Pretty serious stuff. Finally, I progressed to the point where I was able to be released 10 days later.

Here is the point. I have no idea what my stay will cost. I had three CT scans. More blood tests than I can count. Numerous other unknown tests. A procedure to install a pick IV line. Countless painkillers and other medications. And the list goes on.

My guess is that itwill push $100,000, if not more.

Fortunately, I have health insurance so I am covered for practically the entire bill, but what if I didn’t?

Health related issues was one of the main reasons I have had customers over the years. Many were dealing with debt incurred from an illness. Some battled the affects of being out of work. While others were trying to juggle the costs of ongoing medications and procedures for a chronic situation.

And the situation gets worse every day. The cost of health care continues to go up making it out of reach for businesses to cover employees and individuals to cover their families. Tens of millions of people are uninsured in the US today leaving them one incident away from being deep in debt.

This issue has not gone unnoticed, but unfortunately, the ones that are noticing are only seeking to profit.

Huge financial companies like General Electric, Citigroup, and Capital One are stepping in and offering to finance the debt so you won’t have to owe the hospital or medical provider money.

This is a great deal for the medical providers but not so wonderful for you. Here is why.

* The interest rates charged by these finance companies can be as high as 27% depending on your credit rating.

* Hospitals are historically passive in trying to collect unpaid debt- they typically only recover 10% of the amount owed them. Finance companies will be much more aggressive in collecting debt.

* You will be far more successful in negotiating directly with medical provider than you will with a finance company. Why pay a finance company $400 per month at 20% interest when you may be able to work out an arrangement to pay a hospital $200 per month at 0% interest.

The plight of the uninsured will continue for the distant future, but if you are uninsured there are decisions you can make to ease some of the pain. One is to avoid medical financing if at all possible. And if you do owe a medical provider money, do not panic and only offer them an amount you can afford. Don’t jeopardize your home or other critical needs. You owe it to yourself to make the right choices.

Bob Lovinger has been helping consumers and business owners with financial challenges for the past twenty years. His companies have consulted with well over ten thousand households during that time span. He is the author and creator of ‘The Financial Life System’ book and system.

Starting and Growing a Business With Medical Imaging Equipment Financing

For private and public hospitals, clinics and pathological laboratories, surgeries and other large-scale medical treatment facilities, a sustainable financial solution seems to be medical equipment financing. Basic medical equipment ranging from X-Rays and CT scan are extremely costly and some kind of financial backing is always required to afford them. Below are listed some of the leading medical equipment items needed today, along with the need to finance them:

1. CT scan: Various ventral, dorsal and visceral organs within the human body have to be highlighted for special medical treatment in the areas. Internal organs, organic tissues, blood vessels are disclosed with the help of this absolutely necessary equipment. But some high costs mean that it can hardly be made available without adequate medical financing.

2. Radiology Equipment: Under this heading falls a host of related medical equipment from X-ray machines, ultrasounds, radio waves and computed tomography. Their high expenses ensure the need to finance them.

3. Ultrasound Equipment: Interior organic problems are best treated with the help of this machine. During months of labor, pregnant mothers can seek the help of this equipment to know the growth of their babies. But again, it is too expensive to be made available without any equipment financing.

The absolute necessity of financing in availing modern equipment for treatment in different pathological centers seems to have been established beyond any possible doubt. Having equipment that is old and no longer equipped to detect more complex disorders simply does not make sense. Hence there is the need for medical imaging equipment financing.

An Overview of the Top Three Dental Financing Options

Not everyone has the luxury of affording their dental care. For this reason, many dental conditions go untreated resulting in serious conditions to be developed later on in life from gum disease to oral cancer.

Therefore, it is critical for patients to learn what type of financing options are available to them so that they can ensure that proper care is taken of their teeth and overall health.

Now, while hundreds of medical financing companies exist across the nation to assist patients in financing their medical needs, the top three most prominently used nationwide by consumers are:


Perhaps one of the largest and most notable financing companies accepted by over 125,000 healthcare providers, CareCredit provides a number of attractive benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike in terms of payment processing and repayment plans.

With no up-front costs or prepayment fees, CareCredit’s flexible system allows for ease of use at not only dental care facilities but many other medical establishments as well. To apply for an account with CareCredit, an application can simply be downloaded off their website and brought to a local participating provider for consideration.

Approval can occur within minutes, meaning you can receive the care you need without the need for lengthy waits for processing times. Alternatively, you can apply from your dentist’s office.

ALL Care

Like CareCredit in that it carries no prepayment penalty or annual fee, ALL Care is a financing provider that specializes in dental healthcare for you and your family. With multiple payment options available ranging from no-interest initial payments to long-term fixed rate payments, ALL Care can allow you to receive coverage for all of your dental needs with a payment plan that works for you when you need it most.

With payments as low as $25 per month, ALL Care can even allow you to receive immediate treatment without needing any direct out-of-pocket expenses on your par. Applications and approval to join the ALL Care plan take place at your local participating dentist’s office, with particular plan availability for you being determined at that time.

Chase HealthAdvance

Able to cover a wide range of services from general dental healthcare to cosmetic treatments, Chase HealthAdvance offers plans that can provide no interest payments for up to 24 months with lines of credit starting at $5,000.

While they may not always have the largest provider base that will accept their line of credit if you have a preference in dentists, HealthAdvance employees will contact the dentist of your choice on your behalf to attempt to enroll the dentist in the HealthAdvance program.

This added level of service can help make HealthAdvance a viable option for many people who may not have a large number of providers in their area through other plans but wish to still utilize financing options to their advantage. Payment plans can extend up to 48 months (depending on your credit rating).

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Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

Acquiring medical equipment can be costly, whether you’re a small clinic or a private practitioner. Fortunately, an easy medical equipment financing solution can help businesses get the equipment they need without putting a strain on their cash flow. Traditional financing can be difficult even for established operations as mainstream lending institutions like banks are still hesitant to dole out credit to SMEs.

Meanwhile, medical equipment leasing offers small businesses like private clinics a sensible financing solution to acquire the assets they need for their operations, plus a number of other important benefits including:

- Capital conservation – precious cash can be conserved for other uses including supplies and staff. This reduces the strain on your cash flow and lets you get the equipment you need when you need it – instead of needing to save up or borrow against another asset.

- Total financing solution – because a lease agreement is essentially a long term rental, many additional costs can also be covered in the arrangement. This can include freight, installation and maintenance depending on the type of equipment you lease – ask about commercial vendor finance from your supplier to learn more.

- Tax benefits – leasing medical equipment is often 100% tax deductible as the monthly payments are considered an operational expense.

You can choose to finance medical equipment for any type of medical practice including veterinary and dental. From examination tables to surgical equipment – it’s easy to keep your business up to date. As medical technology continues to develop and new equipment is released, your practice can benefit from being among the first to adapt new technology and avoid equipment becoming obsolete – so you can always deliver the best level of care to your patients.